02 February 2009

fourth annual Brigid in cyberspace poetry reading

Welcome to the fourth annual Brigid in Cyberspace Poetry Reading. Click the Triple Goddess for details and links...

Real Life - by Lucie Brock-Broido
Soon the electrical wires will grow heavy under the snow.
I am thinking of fire of the possibility of fire & then moving

Across America in a car with a powder blue dashboard,
Moving to country music & the heart

Is torn a little more because the song says the truth.
Because in the thirty-six things that can happen

To people, men & women, women & women,
Men & men, in all these things the soul is bound

To be broken somewhere along the line,
That clove-scented, air-colored wanderer blushing

With no memory, no inkling & then proceeds
Across America

In the sap green of the tropics,
Toward the cadmium of a bitter sunrise to a new age,

At the white impossible ice hour, starving,
Past the electric blue of the rivers melting down,

Above the nude, snuff, terra cotta, maybe fire,
Over the tiny fragile mound of finger bones

Of an Indian who died standing up,
Through the heliotrope of a song about the sunset,

To live the thirty-six things
& never comes home.


rhino writer said...

Love the poem. And thanks for the link!

teabird said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful. And bittersweet.

ambermoggie said...

very beautiful:)
mine is also up

d. oak said...

YES!!! Thank you!

Donna Lee said...

Thanks for the reminder. Funny, I was talking to my husband yesterday and I thought it was early in Feb that we were "celebrating" Brigid.

Wonderful poem you chose.

Chris said...

That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie K said...

Americana twisted, I love that poem.

adrienne said...

Forgot it was Brigid!!! GAH!! But I got your lovely letter, along with a lovely card from Carrie K a few days ago - thank you!

d. oak said...

I think i like just about any poem with the word "dashboard" in it. Thank you.... a new poem and poet to me.