29 December 2006

Red Scarf Therapy

red scarf 5Allow me to introduce my second completed Red Scarf Project scarf (the one on the left, one-row pattern courtesy of the Yarn Harlot), and one almost-finished red ribby scarf with grey stripes, peeking out. (She'll be completed in a day or so, but she might continue to be shy.)

Did I tell you that some women at work are doing scarves, too? We'll have a nice collection to send off in January.

How many of us say that knitting is our therapy? How many non-knitters really understand?
The ribbed scarf, with its k3 p3 rhythm, soothes me, and I find myself humming "Waltz of the Flowers" as I knit. (I hope that doesn't annoy anyone... thank goodness my husband is used to hearing me hum.) Knitting gives me the peaceful inner space to think about the characters in my novel, or the stitches I'd like to use when I next try to knit some lace. Knitting relaxes my breathing; I've never had an asthma attack while knitting.
I only hope that the red scarves will impart some of that peace to the project recipients.


Bridget said...

The scarves are really lovely!

Knitting is good for thinking, humming (I do it too), talking to yourself, and lots of other things ... my cats also think it's good for cuddling on my lap ...

pixie girl said...

Lovely - I'm sure they'll be beautifully appreciated:)! My problem is that I have too many projects crowding my brain - I keep going over all of them instead of focusing!!

Becky said...

Pretty scarves. I can't help but think that all the peaceful and loving thoughts are knit right up in every project.

Anna said...

I am totally with you on the soothing qualities of knitting. I have clinical depression, and knitting is an integral part of my theraputic process -- it is mentally and physically engaging without being demanding or needy, and the charitable knitting I do lets me connect and contribute to greater causes easily and within the scope of my abilities on any given day.

Knitting - especially the knitting I do projects like the Red Scarf Project - helps me keep my hope.