27 December 2006

just a short rant

First, read "The Saddam in Rumsfeld's Closet" from "Common Dreams."

Saddam and Rumsfeld in happieir timesNext, look at this photo.

Now, think about what is about to happen in Iraq. After we invaded and occupied, needlessly, after our invasion and occupation triggered a civil war, after the government that we installed was unable to control the internecine fighting that is killing hundreds of civilians a week -- we will stand by while Iraq hangs Saddam Hussein -- executes him -- even though the death penalty is condemned by much of the world.

The Vatican
Human Rights Watch
European Union
Amnesty International

(I guess I should add the obligatory "Saddam was an evil nutcase" disclaimer, but I'm so upset by our own evil nutcase that I'll abstain.)

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