05 October 2006

the curiosity of others

lisa of capacious s.h.i.f.t. posted a writing prompt from Writer's Digest --

Imagine you're riding the subway in New York City. Next to you is a woman writing in her journal. You notice that she's crying. Feeling nosy, you look to see what she's written and read this, "I fear someone will discover the body soon." Despite the risk, you keep reading. How does the journal entry begin and end?

When I'm in a cafe, writing in my journal, people often walk by and try to peer at what I'm writing. (They fail. My writing is too small, and none-too-legible, even close up!) Even my husband and friends wonder what I find to write about. This idea - constructing a story out of their curiosity- is so interesting that I may use it for NaNoWriMo. I've been rummaging for an idea -- this may be the one!

(Thanks, lisa! You always have wonderful writing and journalling links.)


Carrie K said...

I always try to read any writing I see anywhere, anytime. It's either nosiness or the love of words or both.

I bet I could read it. Upside down and crabbed, I was the go to girl to decipher letters in my old corp job. Well, maybe I could read it. I'd try, that's for sure.

Becky said...

Neat idea. Being a (semi-retired) English teacher, I love fresh new writing prompts. Sounds like a great start for a story.

Jennifer said...

That's a wonderful writing prompt!

chittavrtti said...

You're joining too?! I just picked up Chris Baty's book today.

He's also coming to Powell's on Monday***CV