05 October 2006

Entropy, two ballbands, and a bunny

Guess where the second skein began...
feather and fan redux
Nope. This is all one skein. I began the second skein about an inch from the top, where you can't see it.

What's going on here? Simple. Entropy - the tendency for a system to become disorganized. In the case of this scarf, I think that the act of looking at it (bombarding it with photons, yes?), given the wave/particle duality...... Oh, never mind. It's pretty. I can't wait to see how the next skein begins to work up.

bunny and ballbands

(and I can't seem to stop making ballbands...)


Carrie K said...

Why should you stop making ballbands? They're so endlessly useful.

Nice scarf! Interesting theory.

Moon Rani said...

Try linking the ballbands end to end to make a scarf! The knitting pattern is so lovely that it would surely make a wonderful, unique scarf.

Paula said...

What a great idea for NaNoWriMo!
LOL, I think I would be the type of person who would write a journal entry like that just to see the reaction of the person trying to read it!!!

Those ball bands are soooo
addicting! Yours look great!

Oh how I love that scarf!
I love that idea of Entropy!

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog about my hubby.

KSD said...

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as applied to knitting. . . Nicely done.