14 February 2006

I'm a member of PETA -- YAY!!!!!

PETA takes aim at Dick Cheney

What more can I say?


KSD said...

Cheney shooting a man has to be, simultaneously, the least and the most expected act by a Vice President. It's so unfunny it's hysterical.

chittavrtti said...

I don't know what to think about PETA's response. On the one hand the irony is stunning. A mamal shot instead of a bird. On the other I think it's kind of like shaking a finger in someone's face and saying "Naughty Naughty."

I think that comes from working with children so many years though. I want a logical consequence. ***CV

GreyCatkin said...

I have come to think the only thing VPs are good for is light relief. Hopefully his friend recovers soon.