18 February 2006

Warm the world

I finally settled on my knitted project for Woman on the Edge of Time. I had been thinking about a purse for Connie, but that didn't satisfy me.

Yesterday, I got the results from a batch of medical tests I'd taken over the last two weeks. I am fine. And I am extremely, extremely grateful.

Gratitude made me think about those who are less fortunate in every way - lonely, cold, ill, poor. Connie knew the past, lived in the liminal present, and saw two possibilities for the future.

We can't change the past, but we can honor it. We can try to make the present a better place. We can hope that our actions will improve the future.

So, my project for Woman on the Edge of Time will honor past, present, and future. I'll do that by contributing squares to the Squares Project. To honor the women of the past, I'm knitting a square based on Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth. The present will be a square in the variegated earth tones that symbolize the seventies to me, Connie's present. And the future? A square in baby colors.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad your tests all turned out okay!

chittavrtti said...

what a lovely idea for the book project. i'm still thinking about it***cv

KSD said...

Without knowing what the tests covered, I am heaving sighs of relief. I couldn't bear something being wrong with such a treasure. Do take care.