25 October 2005

feathers, seeds, ribs

Feathers, as in the lovely pattern, "feather and fan," which a dear friend is thinking of knitting. Seeds, as in the seed stitch scarf I'm making of humble Red Heart variegated yarn (Painted Desert), which looks so beautiful that I may not be able to give it up. Ribs, as in costochondritis, which hurts like hell. Trust me on that one.

Some things I should mention:

I've been added to Knitnana's blogroll. Not only is Knitnana an imaginative and interesting person, she's also the creator of handmade bags that are to die for, my dear readers. (I splurged on a small one in a shabby rose pattern...)

It's raining again. I'm home, mop in hand,
again. ENOUGH!!

Off to mop, read, knit, write a letter, and shake my fist at the grey sky.

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KnitNana said...

Email me...I'll help you configure blogger so these spam comments don't hit you anymore! And thanks for linking to my blog!