15 October 2005

If this were true, I would have drowned by now...

In lieu of actual content, here is the result of an online quiz. I wonder if groundhogs can swim? It's a wonder I didn't drown in my own basement this week. (My husband and I spent so much time mopping, paper-towelling, plastering [his poor hands], and making frantic phone calls to basement waterproofing companies that... metaphors quite fail me. And if you know me, that's really quite telling. Or not.

Maybe I should knit a waterproof basement cozy.

You Are A: Groundhog!

groundhogGroundhogs are cuddly-looking and timid mammals that eat mostly grass, seeds, and other vegetation. As a groundhog you will rarely stray far from your burrow and will run in the face of danger, but you will defend their home fiercely from predators. Groundhogs are even given their own holiday in the US, during which a groundhog is said to predict how long winter weather will last!

You were almost a: Turtle or a Frog
You are least like a: Puppy or a MonkeyTake the Cute Animal Test

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