03 May 2005

why a duck?

Or, actually, why two ducks? We should not have ducks. We have no pond, no stream, nary a puddle. What we do have, however, is a pair of ducks that visits us every spring for a few days. They nap on our lawn, they wander down the driveway, and sometimes they even explore the rest of the court -- but when they're hungry, or when they're reminded that they get fed when we open the door, they come back. In fact, sometimes they remind *us* that they get fed when we open the door -- by staring at the door. They stared so much and so pointedly yesterday that they got three pieces of whole-grain bread in about an hour. I was convinced they'd never fly again, but I was wrong.

At one point, I was going back and forth between the front window, which offered a clear view of the ducks, and the side window, where I watched a bunny noshing on one of the carrots I'd put out for him. I guess I'm easily amused. Who needs television? Given a choice between watching the wildlife in my yard, and watching the latest installment of Runaway Bride (or whatever inanity has captured the news), I'll take the wildlife any day!

1 comment:

Moon Rani said...

Thank you for allowing me to peek through your front and side windows. I loved it! I also *love* the title