28 May 2005

Knitting the classics

Yesterday, I discovered Knit the Classics - an online group devoted to two of my favorite things. Despite my undergraduate degree in English, I never read the first selection, Middlemarch. This afternoon, I will dash to Barnes & Noble and buy a copy. I've always wanted to read it.

The group is going to read, and knit. How fortunate for me that Michael's is right next to Barnes & Noble, and that now I have the excuse (ahem) to knit the feather and fan shawl from Microspun that I've been pondering for at least a year. I saw the shawl on a blog, in Mocha, and it crooned to me. Imagine the song it would have sung were there a yarn called Tea! I couldn't have resisted it for so long.

My last completed knitting was a package of three woolen scarves for The Dulaan Project, and I mailed them off a couple of days ago. Now I can do a shawl for myself without too much guilt...

Duck update: until two days ago, Mr. and Mrs. (Millie) were still visiting every day,. Millie would come at about 5:30, just as I got home from the library, and I would feed her. Then, I would tell her that I'd feed her more if she went and got Mr. ... and she did, indeed, get Mr., more than a dozen times. Mr. was not interested in the bread, whole wheat or not, so it was obvious that Millie had gone home and begged. "Oh, c'mon, you don't have to socialize, just come with me...." I got very fond (WAY too fond, according to my husband) of Millie, who would ditz around and softly quack as she gobbled the bread. Mr. was always rather aloof, and lazy -- he wouldn't eat the bread unless I threw it practically in his beak.
I hope they'll visit.....

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