24 April 2005

I'd like you to meet two of my friends

I'd like you to meet two of my friends. Moon Rani is a new blogger. She describes her new blog, Tea Cozy as "quiet observations from my small world." I describe it as a closely-observed, immediate experience of my friend's way of discovering the laudable amongst the ordinary. I treasure these glimpses as I treasure my friend.

Janet's blog,
Musings, is "daily musings. life. letters. libraries. dogs. good books. journals. " Musings can take you from the funny bits that happen at the library to a sleek clock in Pottery Barn to a neat gadget from Adagio Teas to introductions to her dogs. Musings also leads you to Just Write, "where letter writers meet." This is the online presence of Janet's magazine where she celebrates the joys of letter-writing, and offers subscribers the opportunity to meet people who love pen and ink. Janet's wit, intelligence, and lovingkindness inhabit everything she touches. I treasure my friend.

How did I meet these women? Through letters. Pen and ink. Stamps. Envelopes. We still write, although we have added e-mail and Instant Messaging to our communications arsenal. How close can women become through letters? The three of us, I believe, would agree: as close as sisters.

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Moon Rani said...

Thank you for your link, and for you kind words, Sister. They make me sound much better than I am.