28 December 2018

adventures with a sock blank

Adventures in sock blank knitting... 

The pattern = cuff-down vanilla, with heel flap.

The yarn is from Color Wheel Yarns, and it's beautiful. Lauren dyes yarn and blanks. I chose the laughing sun because it was so cheerful, and because the background color is periwinkle (which happens to be Lauren's favorite, too).

I started to knit this straight from the blank, and got as far as the middle of the foot before I realized that my insanely loose knitting gauge made for very wonky fabric with kinky yarn. (Kinky, as in, kinked-up…) 

I frogged, skeined, soaked, hung with weight, and voila - beautiful yarn I can knit with! Closeup of second attempt. Much better!

The pair. Delightful.


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KSD said...

I've always wondered about a sock blank. Now I want one of my own!