19 August 2011

Frogging, tinking, and who knows what else

Jesh SwhorlI just turned sixty. A child of the sixties turning sixty isn't a big story, unless - it's your own story. How was my birthday, you ask? Well, let's see. I managed to screw up one knitting project, then I managed to screw up another knitting project, then I went to Spinning Guild and spun some lovely soft green stuff on my new Sworl by Jesh

That part was a Win. But I had to leave Guild early because it was hot and stuffy in the barn, and because the scent of soaps or something was causing my lungs to implode. I got home and discovered that our house had been invaded by ants....

frogging and tinking Ruffles 1Today is lovely, however. I have decided that the half-baked attempts at fixing one of the knitting disasters Would Not Do. So I've taken over the kitchen table and frogged ten rows (over 300 stitches each).  (Frogging = rip it, rip it.) Now I'm tinking one row. (Tinking  = one stitch at a time.) The stitch count will be right, and I'll do what I should have done, what I really ought to know I should do by now: I'm going to own my knitting.

Owning my knitting = knowing what works for me, and what utterly doesn't. In this case, a certain way of making two stitches into one just is not in my hands. So this time, when I start the edging, I will use another way. It won't be a Centered Double Decrease, but it'll work, and it will be pretty.

Tinking can be tedious, especially when it's 300 stitches. But - look at that yarn! It's a KnitPicks colourway called Gingerbread House. Can you see the gumdrops scattered amongst the gingerbread? Cherry, grape, lemon, orange, lime... each colour pure and sweet and satisfying. Tinking gives me the opportunity to appreciate the colors, the texture, and the fact that I'm no longer fearful about making mistakes when I knit.

Ruffle my feathers shawlHere's another picture of the gumdrops. The pattern I'm using is called Ruffle My Feathers - a tailored shawlette with just a bit of fancy at the edge. I'm going to love this when it starts to get cooler and I'm wrapped in wool and alpaca, with just a hint of fancy.

At sixty, it's time that I owned my life. That means frogging and tinking, making decisions based on my actual self, reading and expressing and creating and loving and using my energies in the life I have now toward the goals I set now. Regrets... yes, I have regrets. I regret having given up the viola when I was 16. But - I live 5 miles from a store that sells and rents fine stringed instruments. I can pick up a viola and see if my hands still want to play it, if I choose. I have one promising novel in the works (in a drawer). I can take it out of the drawer and devote an hour each day to it, if I choose. 

purples, close-upLast time I wrote, I was in the throes of the Tour de Fleece. This is what I spun on the pansies Lollipop spindle. It's just enough for a bookmark or two.

Thai Spice, completed

This is the Thai spice, 200 yards of DK gorgeousness. It may become cabled wristwarmers, or a hat. We'll see. I'm very happy with it.

One more thing. The Tsarina of Tsocks has designed a monster created the most astonishing pair of tsocks ever. Hint: five people knit it at a time, and it gets steeked. A lot. (Steek = taking a scissor to your knitting on purpose.) Go look at Fronkenshteek and prepare to laugh...


Penny said...

♥ you. much happiness and good wishes on 60 for my teabird!

Elizzabetty said...

You can also say, "hey Betty--would you mind if I borrow that gorgeous viola of yours or a while"! All you have to do is ask...

Elizzabetty said...

Oops. That was supposed to read "for a while." Silly fingers!

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday, and I'm sorry it wasn't 100%, but it sounds like the days afterward made up for it.

KnitNana said...

Happy b'lated b'day!
Do what you love, but only as long as you love it. The Gingerbread is very pretty and I have that shawl pattern, too. Great minds, and all that.

Donna Lee said...

Those are some amazing socks! What a long way around the SSS.

Happy Birthday! I had the same kind of revelation when I turned 50. Somehow my life seemed more my own at that point. Now, I take more joy in things and do less things I don't like.(ok, except for going to work but I like that most days)

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday! I find it shocking how much I'm like my (much) younger self.

OMG those socks!!!

Your sworl and spinning are pretty fabulous.

Marcy said...

I like your attitude, Tea! I'm not far behind you in years, and I'm regularly freaked out by being this age.

CatBookMom said...

Wow, I am really late to the celebration! Nonetheless,

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
Hippo Birdie, Hippo Birdie
Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
(thanks to Sandra Boynton)

Being 60 now for a couple of years, it's amazing to know that some parts of a person can still feel a LOT younger than the calendar says. Be more about what's right for you, less about "public opinion". Enjoy!!