02 July 2011

Tour de fleece 2011

For this year's tour, I am spinning for Team Russian Underpants and Team Suck Less. My goal: to spin 2 ounces of a combination fiber (Polworth, Falkland, Jacob, Shetland, and Wensleydale) in a colorway called Thai Spice Market into DK weight, and to like it enough to give it away without being embarassed.

The spindle is a Greensleeves Damsel Monique. She spins long and true, a Blessed Damozel indeed.

Damozel and fiber from All for Love of Yarn

The fiber is from All for Love of Yarn

Thai spice market 2

Visit me on Ravelry and wish me luck!


Penny said...

you can do it! (yes i'll visit you here too)

KSD said...

Team Russian Underpants needs to be copywrited --- some NBA or NFL franchise might try to take it from you.

Carrie K said...

Go Team Suck Less!! (because I'm highly enamoured of the name and also cheerleading.)