03 October 2008

the VP debate; or, look here, another hat!

The Debate:

I love Joe Biden. Tonight, I thought he was deliberate, appropriate, respectful, intelligent, and very much "in the moment." I thought she was mechanical, slick, over-rehearsed, callous, and grandiose. So, why was I surprised when Pat Buchanan that Biden lost the debate because he was boring and too factual?

The Questions:
Since when are facts boring? Since when do we want our vice presidents to be perky dolls who say the same inane stuff every time you pull the string? Since when do we allow debaters to say they are not going to answer questions the way their opponents or the moderator want them answered? Since when do moderators fail to ask useful follow-up questions, such as "are you going to answer the question, or are we all just wasting our time here?"
Why do I care what Pat Buchanan thinks, anyway?

(Did I mention that I love Joe Biden?

Here's another hat. This one is for
Save the Children. I knitted it while I watched the debate. Therefore, I did not eat chocolate, gnaw off all of my fingernails and some of John's, or spill hot tea in my lap. Knitting is good.
baby hat


Stephanie said...

Oh - I thought the hat was to cover the steam coming out of your ears, or the vein bugling in your forehead everytime Palin opened her mouth. At least that's what it would have been for in my house. :) Thank goodness she didn't actually answer any of the questions or my head might have exploded. :)

Knit Witch said...

Here here!!! :)

Beverly said...

His intelligent responses came from HIS experience and knowledge, not from the sound bites memorized during all-night study binges. I'm even more excited about the ticket after hearing Senator Biden!!

KnitNana said...

I have liked Biden for a long time.
And yes. Debate rules? Hello?

But had Ifill challenged her? Wouldn't we have heard all about how Ifill was biased against Palin b/c she was writing this book about African American politics with a chapter on Obama?
Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
I'm sick of it.
But I love your hat.

La Duchesse said...

Gorgeous hat. :)

How are they calling it? Another draw or is there actually a clear victory here somewhere?

Cindy said...

My husband said the exact same thing about the lack of control the moderator exerted over the debate. Me, being a little bit superficial and not as educated as I'd like about politics, I was focused on how Palin started off the night with, "Can I call you Joe?" and then never actually did. He was very respectful and called her "Governor" but she wanted to be all folksy and use first names when she had only that minute met the guy. She just irritates me.

Carrie K said...

No politician worth his/her salt has ever actually answered a question that was posed to them. That makes me crazy but I've resigned myself to it. God help us if they actually answered truthfully. No one would get elected.

Cute hat!

Bridget said...

Even though I am a political junkie, having worked on Capitol Hill, I know that most of the time, the emperor has no clothes, so to speak.

Having said that, excuse me, but - who the hell winks during a vice-presidential debate????

KSD said...

Has Palin confused herself with Tina Fey?

raven said...

Too bad I missed the VP debate. The Canadian Leadership debate was on at the same time, so I had to make a choice. Do I watch the people I'm going to vote for or do I watch our more entertaining neighbours to the south?

From what I hear of how the American one went, you hit the issue right on the nose.

adrienne said...

That hat is very sweet:). I get so disgusted talking about Palin and the debate - ugh. But Pat had to say something to spin it positively. He actually makes me laugh sometimes with what comes out of his mouth. Rachel Maddow has a good time sparring with him, I think.

Obama '08

Anonymous said...

Great hat and Joe Biden rocks!!!!