23 March 2008

welcome, my Luddite friend

My friend, Barbara Rich, has just started a new blog:

A liberal slice of tongue on wry.

Allow me to introduce her, in her own words:

  • I have been a writer for most of my adult life, and a passionate liberal from the womb. I love words, kids, politics, activism, theater on stage and in life, being verbally outrageous. Justifiable outrage – and if not today, then when? – is just that: justifiable. I am a non-believer who marvels at the devout, “everything in black or white” evangelicals who equate the horror of Katrina with God’s punishment of New Orleans’ lifestyle. No, I do not put my hand on the TV to be cured of ailments, both physical and of the spirit. I’m a Luddite, and a grateful one: a friend has set up this blog for me. I love Barack Obama, and wish Hillary and Bill would find an isolated island where they could decide who would be forced to leave. Used to respect Bill Clinton; Hillary scares the hell out of me. Write to me. Visit me. Question and challenge me.
Her typewriter may be vintage (aren't they all?), the irony of a total Luddite who can not read her own blog does not escape her, but her thoughts and her heart are as deep and strong as can be.


sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

That's fascinating.

Guess what? In an effort to be youthful, I have tagged you in my most recent post.


KSD said...

I feel a new bookmark coming on. . .

Larjmarj said...

I also feel a bookmark coming on, thank YOU!

Granny Smith said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers. This elderly blogger agrees with you on every point you mentioned. I was going to say, "Welcome to the twenty-first century", but then I decided that it isn't a very good place to be welcomed into. I agree with your assessments of the Clinton's, but, if worse should come to worst and Obama fails to get the nomination, I'll (sigh!) vote for her.