19 March 2008

A more perfect union - words to live by on a Wednesday

Click on the picture to read the text of Obama's amazing speech, or to watch the video.
I have not been moved to tears by a speech for a very, very long time. He spoke to us as if were are adults. For that alone, I am grateful. For that alone, I believe we can continue to create "A More Perfect Union."


KSD said...

I also thought it was a masterpiece.

Carrie K said...

Wasn't that a good speech? It read as well as it was spoken.

Granny Smith said...

He is impressive. So intelligent and giving us credit for having some intelligence also.

Larjmarj said...

I felt the same way about his speech. Unfortunately the news channels are only running selective sound bites.
I have become a political news junkie during this primary.
Do I dare to hope that he'll get the nomination?
After the last presidential election....my faith in the rationality of the American people was greatly shaken.

Les said...

I saw Obama in Omaha (and his wife in Lincoln) and thought he was so eloquent. Never before have I been moved to tears by the words of a politician. He won in our caucus here in Lincoln and I pray he win the Primary -- and the general election. I wish it were already November.