20 January 2008

Results may vary

I saw this on Gubbinal's blog. I love her comment about the results being useful in knowing which candidates to avoid!

(How, I wonder, do my views match Hillary's and Obama's equally at 74%? And, worse, how do my views match up AT ALL with Giuliani's? Odd. Disturbing. Maybe I need to rethink a few things...)

91% Mike Gravel
91% Dennis Kucinich
77% Chris Dodd
77% John Edwards
74% Hillary Clinton
74% Barack Obama
72% Joe Biden
70% Bill Richardson
40% Rudy Giuliani
31% Ron Paul
25% John McCain
22% Mitt Romney
19% Tom Tancredo
18% Mike Huckabee
10% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Interesting results. It was a bit disappointing for me that there was not a larger gap between HC and OB & JE.

As long as HC refuses to say she was wrong on Iraq....

Oh, it will be a painful year again, I believe.

Aunt Kathy said...

I just took the quiz, I think I was 57% on 4 of the candidates. I will post mine on my blog tomorrow.

I wanted to stop by to tell you you were the winner in last weeks contest on my blog, I just need you to email me your mailing info, OK?


Jennifer said...

I had Hilary, Obama, and McCain at the top of my list. Curious.

Larjmarj said...

Your Results:
Edwards John Edwards
Obama Barack Obama
Clinton Hillary Clinton
Richardson Bill Richardson
Dodd Chris Dodd
Gravel Mike Gravel
Biden Joe Biden
Kucinich Dennis Kucinich
Giuliani Rudy Giuliani
McCain John McCain
Tancredo Tom Tancredo
Huckabee Mike Huckabee
Romney Mitt Romney
Thompson Fred Thompson
Paul Ron Paul

No real surprises here except that Ron Paul was so low on the list. He seems the least offensive to me.

Running Knitter said...

Thank you for posting this. I took the quiz and got interesting results as well.

Heather said...

Great quiz! I did it too and posted my results. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Becky said...

That is a pretty cool quiz. My results verified exactly what I had already decided. Sweet!

lene said...

Oh ick! I took it as well, and wasn't really surprised at the way the Dems placed in my rankings. But how in heck did Rudy end up so high in my Repub rankings? I feel like someone dipped me in dirty grease, or some such thing. I posted the results on my blog, too, although I can't seem to get them to display properly. Interesting quiz, and I thank you for pointing me in that direction.

Carrie K said...

Interesting! Bill Richardson headed my list and he's dropped out. Not that he was on my radar in the first place.

KnitNana said...

I posted my results on Nana Sadie's Place. I was intrigued by Bill Richardson's campaign and sorry to see him drop out. Not sure where I stand on the results of this quiz, tho'!

pixie girl said...

Hmmm...I ended up with John Edward first, and Hillary and Obama tied for a close second. I can't believe Rudy was 47%??!!!?

Interesting quiz...

Paula said...

Ack! my results were scary and exactly the opposite of my views!
Definitely a quiz for who not to vote for!

AndreaLea said...

That was an interesting quiz. Definitely didn't get the results I thought I would!