22 October 2007

Jane always gets it right

From The Jane Austen Quote of the Day:

  • "Where little minds belong to rich people in authority, I think they have a knack of swelling out, till they are quite as unmanageable as great ones."

(Emma on the small-minded Churchills - Emma, volume 1, chapter 18)


KnitNana said...

Now THAT doesn't bring anyone at all into my mind...not anyone...well okay, someone. Someone in authority...not naming names...but someone who might have said, "I'd like to see gas prices lower" publically, thinking just possibly that statement might even begin to make a difference?

Unlike Greenspan who used to open his mouth and silence greeted his utterings...b/c we really DID listen!

Carrie K said...

Isn't it pretty much little or big minds in authority? Because it generally is the rich.

Paula said...

Well stated!
There are a few individuals at work for whom that quote will amply apply.

Raven said...

Jane Austin is my hero.

Penny said...

i agree with raven!