05 September 2007

thank you, thank you!

Paula, the Basset Knitter, has given me the Blogging Star award!

The recipient is supposed to display this award on her blog along with a link to who gave it to me, and to mention that it originated at Skittles' Place so Barb can follow its journey. Barb has created the award for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogosphere, with humor, creativity, or with their kind and thoughtful nature.

Thank you, Paula!!

Paula has passed the award to Caitlin of Crescent Knits, and so do I. Caitlin has become a close friend whose humor, creativity, kindness, and thoughtful nature have illuminated my life.

Ditto, Kim at Handeye Crafts and MindFull. Kim and I have been friends for several years, and our friendship would be deep and rich even if she wasn't also funny and creative. (However, her readers have voted Jeremy Irons out of the running in the hunk contest. Really, she should have rigged the results.)

I can think of dozens of other blogger friends who deserve this award. I know they'll get their turn!


Moon Rani said...


Moon Rani said...

Oops - - add an R to my congrats!