03 September 2007

progress on tidal wave socks, and my friends know I love rabbits

First, gifts from Stephanie (left) and Adrienne (right).
The painting is from Toadbriar. If you visit her site, you will be enchanted. Believe me.
The tea towel is so cute that I can not possibly use it for anything as mundane as drying dishes!

Thank you, dear friends! Your gifts cheered me immesurably.

Tidal wave - Dali socks

This is the third repeat of the Tidal Wave socks. It's a lovely pattern, so easy (even for me) and so soothing. I've almost conquered my clumsiness with slip/knit/psso; when I'm still clumsy, I have almost figured out how to fix it without breaking into hives.

Everyone else who has knitted socks from this beautiful yarn has ended up with stripes. I love the way this is pooling - and I hope I'll be able to duplicate the effect for the other sock...

I hope you all are having a happy, safe Labor Day!


Stephanie said...

I think if you cast on so that your first cast on loop is in the middle of a color repeat then you will get pooling. That's my theory anyway!

Jennifer said...

I love that pooling!

pixie girl said...

It looks lovely:)! It's just right.

Anna said...

The towels are darling! And the sock is coming along marvelously. I want that pattern for my blue sock yarn, I think.

Paula said...

What an enchanting blog site that is!
I looove the rabbits towel and painting too.

Your sock is looking good.
I like how the colors are meshing.

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog this morning.

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Oh the socks look great and what a sweet site! I grew up with lots of rabbits - real ones. They are very sweet - real or drawn.

KnitNana said...

Very Pretty!!! Love the way it's turning out...
And the new yarn is on it's way, too!

Dixie said...

Cuuuute socks! I do like that color pooling.

Thanks for popping by my blog - come visit it again!

Carrie K said...

Cute socks! The pattern is really lovely.

Bunnies! Who knew you'd like bunnies? ;)

Betty said...

How about setting up a TIdal Wave sock swap - I'd join.