17 July 2007

she knits herself up and gets back in the race - Tour de France

Sensational Knitted Socks, woven category.
denim sock, redux

(She's a little woozy, but she's game.)


pixie girl said...

Lovely - no Hagrid this time, I'm sure! You go, Rocker - you're back in the game:)!

Bridget said...

They look great - I really like the yarn!

Jennifer said...

Love them! Keep it up!

Paula said...

Oh I love the yarn!
They are looking good those socks that were once the size of Hagrids feet!

KnitNana said...

What pretty yarn....love love love the socks!

Donna Lee said...

Those are lovely socks! Yay for getting back onto the needles after falling off!