15 July 2007

- and I will use my award to work for world peace -

Bridget has nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.
Wow! I wish I was (or ever had been) a rockin' girl... But if Bridget thinks I am, then I am! It's a good thing!

My nominees for the award are:
Caitlin (Crescent Knitter), Adrienne (Pixie Girl), Paula (Basset Knitter), Stephanie (On the Needles), and Maven (Fiber Pr*n). In my world, you all rock!


pixie girl said...

Why, thank you:)! You definitely rock!!

Bridget said...

We rockers have to stick together ... :-)

Jennifer said...

A well deserved nomination!

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Thank you thank you thank you - it only took 23 years but someone has finally realized that I rock :)

It's Me...Maven said...

Congratulations for YOUR nomination! You truly deserve it:)

Paula said...

Hey thanks!
But you rock more!