20 February 2007

Project Spectrum: am I blue?

blue hat

I am if I say I am.

"Coif" from Knitty.

Yarn from Stephanie (thank you!)

blue yarn


KnitNana said...

Cool! (And Colorful!)

Bridget said...

Pretty! That should brighten up gloomy days.

KSD said...

Pretty, pretty! (While I groove to Emmylou and Mark; what a tremendous surprise --- thank you!! [Paper dolls must wait until daughter is out of range. . .])

Paula said...

ooooh I really like the colors!
They will cheer you up on the dreary gray days.

RheLynn said...

Very pretty yarn and project!

And of one of your previous posts: cats and rabbits, oh my (and yes!) ;o)

Glad you found the orchids non-threatening, they haven't eaten us or held us up at gunpoint yet. They do kind of loom over the window though, so we might have to keep a closer eye on them ;o)

It's Me, Maven... said...

Clever idea!

pixie girl said...

Oh, I love that - great colors:)!

swapal said...


This is just to let you know that I've been woring on your parcel on Favorite Color Swap. It's almost ready, but I still plan to go and get some more things to send you today. I will be ready to mail it early next week, but I'll let you know when I've done that.

Your FCS2 pal