13 February 2007

It all comes down to K-Pax

I stole this from Heather......It's a good game. You go to Google, enter *your name* and needs, and list the first ten answers or so. Here goes:

1. melanie needs friends.
2. melanie needs a bf (this from a 12-year-old's posting- scary, isn't it?)
3. melanie needs to become somewhat flexible and leave some of the pig headedness behind.

4. There's just one hitch melanie needs to take care of before she gets hitched. (huh?)
5. melanie needs to put that big ass girl down and let her walk. (huh?)
6. melanie needs Dr. Spacey. (Actually, melanie needs
K-Pax. Often.)
7. melanie needs help. (See #6.)

8. melanie needs to add some sparkle and color back to her wardrobe. (True, actually.)
9. melanie needs to become more tolerant, especially of emotions. (Also true, actually.
10. melanie needs to add in some servings of vegetables, fruit, and milk products. (Very true.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.
shooting star


Bridget said...

This is very funny! Don't feel bad, though, because apparently I need to go and have my baby in secret - which is just wrong on so many levels!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anna said...


I got this beauty

"Anna Needs Whisky-Flavored Chewable Xanax"

And K-Pax is on my netflix list now!

KSD said...

K-Pax is terrific, isn't it? I see (and feel) different things every time I watch it.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

LOL funny wasn't it? Happy Valentine's Day!

pixie girl said...

I'm almost afraid to try it to see what it says about me - here I go...:)

pixie girl said...

Ok, so a girl with my same name (I think I remember reading a review or two of hers from the From The Stacks Challenge actually) did this - is it cheating just to pick ten from hers - she's done the work already:)!