08 November 2006


A quote: "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies" - Nelson Mandela.

A truly great book title: The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters.

A Moleskine cozy:

And Rumsfeld is gone gone gone!!


Becky said...

That's a cute cozy. And yeah! Finally, he's gone!

Claire said...

That quote is so true!!

The cozy is great, I'd love to get one like that in Orange.

Paula said...

I love that cozy!
Great quote by the way!
I too am glad Rumsfeld is gone.

Purl said...

I was happier yesterday than I have been in a long time!

Carrie K said...

That's a great quote for the first, and I can scarely believe the last statement. Dare I hope that means that Pres Bush might actually rethink some of his decisions?

kasturi said...

i love the mandela quote.

glad to see wallace stevens is getting some appreciation on your blog.

thanks for your encouragment about the drop-stitch scarf.

Pooch said...

Fantastic Mandela quote! Thanks for posting it. Such an eloquent man! (Notice my phrase about eloquence rather than using a complete sentence? Eloquent, I'm not!)

As for Rumsfeld....it's about time!!


Kat with a K said...

I have a copy of that book but haven't started it yet. Is it good?

kathy said...

After the mid-term elections, I felt better than I have in years. I didn't realize how lousy I felt or the reason why I felt so lousy!!!

When I heard the news (R. is gone, gone, gone), I was ecstatic. Just over two more years of hell to go through and maybe they will all be gone, gone, gone. Today I heard Bolton will be gone, gone, gone. Things are certainly looking up.

Too bad Sandra Day O'Connor couldn't hang on a few years longer. It's dreadful to think of the lifetime appointments at the SC.