02 August 2006

Teabird's addiction

No, it's not a new rock group. I've got a bad case of warshcloth blues. And greens. And variegateds.

It's all their fault. I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting. I fell in love with the "Ballband Warshcloth." Then I started to learn the slipstitch technique. Then I tried the Ballband. Then I started to look at the Mason-Dixon Knitalong. Then I became hypnotized by the color combinations. And then -

Reader, I haven't even finished that first one, but I have, since, bought at least 2 dozen balls of Peaches 'n' Creme warshcloth cotton, and I have to stop myself from buying more. I find myself thinking of color combinations when I ought to be paying attention to other things, such as -- oh, I don't know, cutting up vegetables?

I hope I'll finish my first warshcloth tonight. I made a couple of mistakes - I slipped with the yarn in the wrong place, probably. But oh, how I love that warshcloth, and oh, how many I want to make, just for the pleasure of seeing the colors together and watching how the slip stitches transform the bands of colors.

At least they're cotton. (In this heat, I can't even think of knitting with wool. The shawl is on hold until the nighttime temps are below 70.) At least the cotton is cheap. At least it's not illegal. (Psst - don't let THEM know about it...)


Jennifer said...

Yep, cotton is completely legal! I wonder if an advisory sticker should be put on all yarn. *Warning, highly addictive substance.*

KnitNana said...

Ok...come join us at Cloths for Crisis - you can knit washcloths to your heart's content and help out those in need! Button on my blog (which I know you know how to get to...)

Jenni said...

Nah! Who needs to cut up vegetables?

Christine said...

You poor thing. At least it's productive/utilitarian. (When you get it knit up, that is!)

MDK Kay said...

One thing I love about my own dishcloth cotton stash is that I keep knitting and knitting and knitting from it, dishrag after dishrag, and the stash doesn't get smaller. xxoxo Kay

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Welcome to the dish-cloth-aholics club. It's the best form of cheap therapy that I know of.....

If you want a fabby dishcloth pattern pop on over to Dave's blog for a fabby free pattern. http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com/

It's really addicting.

Carrie K said...

That dishcloth pattern Abigail posted is fabby. It's that garterlac dishcloth. I just found it today. And did my first ballband dishcloth Wednesday (although yes, my stash is fully stocked). They're so quick! So thrifty! So usefull! And cotton. So cool.

Paula said...

I know isn't that book addictive!!!
I just love that ball band warsh cloth pattern I think I will be making one for everyone on my Christmas list this year! ;)
I too went right out to buy lots of that peaches and cream yarn.
I also like knitting them with the cream colored denim cotton yarn too, very long lasting!
I sure like the colors you chose for your ball bands!
Have you tried the log cabin afghan yet?
I am thinking about making one for my son's dorm room.