03 August 2006

Slip that stitch!

Behold - the first ballband and her companion, the little green slipstitch that could. I've already cast on for another ballband. Truly, I am in love.

two warshcloths

I received my Knit the Classics Travelling Women swap package yesterday - read about it here. (The photo does not do justice to the needle case, which is so beautiful that I feel like wearing it as lingerie.)

If you like book memes, drop by Tea Reads and steal the one I stole -- it's an exercise in frustration to answer questions about the books one would like to read, isn't it?


Jennifer said...

Uh-oh, the warshcloth addiction is really sinking in its teeth, eh?

KnitNana said...

If you haven't read Deep Water Passage, you'll enjoy that! I love that genre...older women rediscovering the person they've become!

KSD said...

Just saw your gifts at KTC --- Marji is a wonder, isn't she? Hope you can break from the warshcloths long enough to read those books!