25 August 2006

It's all about the Moleskine

The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within by Stephen Fry is a detailed examiniation of reading and writing poetry. Details about the very structured villanelle reside next to wry observations. "...I can show you how to have fun with the modes and forms of poetry as they have developed over the years...," he says. "Poetry is not made to be sucked up like a child's milkshake, it is much better sipped like a precious malt whiskey."

(Needless to say, I'd substitute "steaming cup of Assam.")

Fry's third Golden Rule:

"Buy a notebook, exercise book or jotter pad and lots of pencils (any writing instrument will do but I find pencils more physically pleasing. )... You may as well invest in a good pocket-sized notebook: the Moleskine range is becoming very fashionable again and bookshops and stationers have started to produce their own equivalent. When you are waiting for someone, stuck in an airport, travelling by train, just doodle with words..."

(Needless to say, I'd substitute "smooth-writing fountains pen with fine nibs." I might even go further and describe the joys of green or purple Pelikan ink, or the delights of a nib with little flex but buttery smoothness. In fact, I might rattle on so about fountain pens that you'd wonder if Teabird had her own private birdbath, filled with green or purple ink...)

I'll doodle with words in a little spiral notebook. I might even attempt a villanelle. Right now, though, I'll stick to my plan of a Moleskine Commonplace Book.

Today's quote -
"Tea: a decoction that lightly floats the spirit for a while and at last lands it in a dry place." - Herman Melville.

By the way - if you are moved to purchase this book (or any other) from Amazon, please use this link -- proceeds will go towards Knit the Classics. Thanks!

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