21 August 2006

Don't fear the Moleskine

I have feared my Moleskine for almost a year. It's still in its shrinkwrap. I have pondered and pondered about what to write in it. It has totally intimidated me. Take a look at Moleskinerie, a blog devoted to creative uses for its elegance and creamy paper, and you'll be intimidated too.

Why did I buy the thing? I'm not elegant, and my writing is barely worthy of the ink in my fountain pens.

In fact, I don't deserve a Moleskine...

Ok, call me neurotic. It's just a notebook, after all, even if its
yellow band calls it "the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin."

I do not want to write like Hemingway! Chatwin, maybe.
Picasso? I can barely draw a square, never mind a dove as simple and eloquent as his.

I've decided to use the Moleskine as a Commonplace Book. My Moleskine is small, but so is my handwriting. I shall begin by copying phrases,sentences, poems, and song lyrics that please and inspire me. I shall not go out of my way to find quotes. This will be a Happenstance Commonplace Book.

I found the first entry in the dedication to a children's book:

Vincent Van Gogh:
"I know nothing with any certainty,
but the sight of stars makes me dream."


Zee said...

That is a beautiful one. I think it's perfect for starting on your Moleskine. :)

I have one I keep like that, with quotes and thoughts, and sometimes doodles happen upon them. Never had an idea of what to call it -Commonplace Book is perfect!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a lovely use for your Moleskine.

It's Me, Maven... said...

I thought of you when I went to B&N yesterday... it was the first time I noticed Moleskine notebooks!

MissyJoon said...

I love those moleskin books--they are so lovely! I couldn't seem to find an email for you, but I read another fabulous book--The Memory Keeper's Daughter--not quite as wonderful as Snow Flower---and I just started Scoop . . .

Gata said...

I bought one recently and haven't opened it yet, but I have issues opening any new blank book. It usually takes about five years before I do. Thought I was the only one with this predicament.

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

I feel like I don't even deserve to purchase one! They are just so lovely...too lovely and intimidating!


CygKnit said...

I, too, had this problem. To deal with it, I purchased the set of three square journal cahiers. Their lower price convinced me I could make a horrible mess of them, dispose of the evidence, and maybe grow up enough one day to use the nicer ones.

But that's just my issues. I hope you are enjoying yours (Moleskine, not issues.)

Teaandcakes said...

Don't fear the moleskin! They are lovely notebooks, but it's quite freeing to just jump in and write away and not worry that every word is perfect.