20 June 2006

Announcing a new venue......... Tea Reads

You are cordinally invited to visit a new blog that I will be sharing with friends:

Tea Reads will be a shared space. We will write about what we're reading, what we think about what we're reading, what kind of tea goes with what we're reading - and, we hope, what we're writing (about what we're reading...) (or not...)

Sharing our thoughts about books is nothing new for us. We have been friends for many a year. I have met Moon Rani and Janet in person. Janet and Moon Rani have never met in person. We all met through letters - actual pen and ink - actual ink - and have become as close as in-person friends can be. Nowadays, we e-mail each other and chat about immediate things in our lives -- but we also continue to write our pen-and-ink letters, and cherish the time to write them and to read them.

Please visit!


Jennifer said...

I'll have to check it out!

Heather said...

cool! Can't wait to see what's brewing...sorry had to say it!


Lydia said...

Hi! How lovely that you at times still use ink to write. I received a long letter from a very old relative beautifully handwritten in ink just recently. I myself did so three decades ago, but never now. When I showed the letter to my 19 year old daughter she was so enchanted, looking at it as a piece of art. This reminded me of something very important being lost, the character of a person shown in ink and time taken to give something precious of yourself. Do keep it up and nice to have you as one of the "bosses" in KTC.

Jenni said...

What a great idea! I will check it out!