25 April 2006

The time when all promises are now made true

violetsAllow me to share a song - "Springtime Promises" by Pentangle - from the exquisite album, "Basket of Light." It expresses how happy I am to see the first wild violets sprinkled throughout the lawn every spring.

(Cox / Jansch / McShee / Renbourn / Thompson)

Summertime is with us once again
Flowers blooming everywhere again
And the cold days of winter are behind us now
And the springtime promises all come true

Trees and grass and bushes green again
The sky's so blue, I don't remember when
The cold days of winter took the sun away
But the spring time promises all came true
It's summertime now, so please don't throw it away

Winter world will be with us once again
Flowers dying everywhere again
And the warm days of summer will be far behind
And the springtime promises soon forgot

Grass and bushes withered, and the trees are bare
Dark and cloudy skies and people in despair
And the warm days of summer seem so far away
And the springtime promises still forgot
It's wintertime so you've got to wait a while
For the spring time promises to come true

Now the new born year has come once more
Gentle showers are with us as before
It's the time when all promises are now made true
And the springtime sun returns anew

Someday all will turn to green again
Flowers will burst of seeds to bloom again
The warm days of springtime tell us all is past
Can you feel your promises will be true
It's springtime now, be happy again


Jennifer said...

Beautiful poem! Now if would just get sunny here!

KnitNana said...

What a lovely book plate? Violets were my mom's favorite and they covered our lawn in spring. Thanks for the memory-jog!

Moon Rani said...

This post made me feel happy.
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossomn."
- - Marcel Proust

KSD said...

We've no violets in our yard, but my feelings are the same about white clover and wild strawberries. Oh! And honeysuckle --- sometimes, the night is so thick with the smell, it seems you could take a bite and taste the nectar.

Suzie said...

Hey Maia,

I'd love to have you in the knitters tea swap. Email me by Wednesday if you would still like to participate.