08 February 2006

friendship, knitting, and gratitude

Thank you, Paula! Paula (Basset Knitter) was my Knit the Classics romance swap friend. I wish I had a digital camera to show you the loveliness of the violet Cascade Superwash yarn that she gave me. Even a camera wouldn't give you the whole experience- somehow the yarn smells like tea! Paula also sent me a cannister of Assam tea from Meijer, to savor as I read the lovely little hardcover of one of my favorite books, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, and First World War Poems, chosen by Andrew Motion (himself a wonderful poet and biographer). Did I mention pretty ribbon bookmarks, too? Did I mention the letter on parchment paper, written with real ink?

Paula is making a lovely shawl with a candle flame stitch for this month's KTC project. I'm eager to see it finished. I haven't quite chosen a project yet, but I'm thinking that I might make a little handbag for Connie, whose bag in the book is torn and patched.

The members of Knit the Classics are going to create a blanket for Warm the World. Click on over there to get the specs -- I can't wait to start trying patterns and colors for this project.

I'm so happy and grateful to meet new friends online - knitters, readers, political junkies, poets - people you'd never get to meet in *real life* - it's just a pleasure.


Stephanie said...

I was really struck by the description of Connie's bag as well. I think something lovely for her would be nice. Did you see Grumperina's bag over on Mag Knits? It is really pretty and rather futuristic....

Paula said...

Wow what a great idea! I thought she sure needed a bag too when I read that description also. I am very moved (and in some pages to tears) by this book.
I am so glad you liked everything! I love Wharton too!
I am finding I now like Motion too! Very riveting poems so far. In several so far I feel like I am there.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Wonderful post!

Carrie K said...

A bag does sound like a good idea for the book.

Your swap friend bounty sounds lovely.