02 January 2006


I just joined my first webring -- Knit the Classics. Yes!! I feel as if I've arrived.

This month's book is Mrs. Dalloway. Three years ago, I prepared for a book discussion of Mrs. Dalloway at the library. Nobody came except my mother, and we decided to discuss the book over a muffin at a local diner... But I love this book, I know it well, and I'm looking forward to the discussion.

scarfFor the knit-along project, I will make this scarf in a lovely slate-grey silk (Silk Purse) that I bought last year from Knit Happens. I think it'll be just the kind of understated & elegant accessory that Clarissa would appreciate. (It's the Slanted Eyelet scarf by Alchemy, and it's so simple even I can knit it!)


chittavrtti said...

Hi Melanie,
You were so fortunate to see Donovon. I missed his performance here in December. He has such a beautiful voice I don't see how anyone could not like him (even if his lyrics may be a bit sweet at times-he's Donovon!)***CV

Carrie K said...

I hope you get more discussion this time around for Mrs. Dalloway! How disappointing! At least your mother and you could discuss it, but still.

The scarf looks pretty.