29 December 2005

Something red for Tess

I finished both of my red projects. The first was, really, only a slightly-red project. I made a charcoal-grey ribbed scarf for my father-in-law, but both ends were red for one inch, and the fringes were red and grey. He absolutely loved it. I got the feeling that no one had ever made him anything before.

My main project for Tess was the Shocking Pink Coif from Knitty. Of course, mine is red - plain old LionBrand WoolEase red. It's perfect for a mild winter's day because it keeps your ears warm and doesn't muss your hair. (I had to add about 3 inches to the pattern, even though I do not have an abnormally-large head...) When I make it again, I'll use ribbons instead of the knitted ties, and I'll duplicate-stitch a flower or butterfly to dress it up a little. It's a fun pattern!

Thank you, Tess, for inspiring me to create with red, and thank you, Jenni, for hosting the knitalong.

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