11 December 2005

Something Red for Tess

This month's Knit the Classics book is Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

When we first meet Tess, she is wearing a white gown for dancing on May Day. She is also wearing a red ribbon in her hair. Many of the KAL members are knitting something red for Tess, and I will, too.

In fact, I'll knit two! One will be a red coif from Knitty.com out of Lion Brand "Suede." (The inspiration for the pattern was was a medieval coif or biggen the designer saw in a costume shop. How close to my Pre-Raphaelite heart is that?)

The other will be the red tips on a grey heather scarf I'm knitting for my father-in-law.

And Tess? No amount of red or greensward could save her, alas.....


1 comment:

KSD said...

The Knitty Coif is a joy! I've made a couple, neither of which fit my rather large head.

I'm afraid I'm very much out of the KTC loop; maybe I can get back into the seing of things next month.