07 August 2008

none of us are free unless all of us are free

Thank you, PoMo Golightly, and Pippi KneeSocks, for reminding us to keep Tibet in our hearts while China takes its undeserved place in the spotlight. Please visit these sites.

PoMo Golightly and Pippi KneeSocks have started a campaign to make our voices heard. The more voices, the better! Visit PoMo's blog to join.

None of us are free unless all of us are free.


Pippi said...

One World
One Dream


Unknown said...

Let's hope that this coming together of nations will finally create change and Free Tibet.

Jennifer said...

May peace and freedom find a place there and everywhere.

Amy said...

one of the reasons I stopped studying Chinese history, was because I could not read one more account of monks and nuns being tortured in Tibet. This is one of the greatest crimes of this century (last century??)

Donna Lee said...

No knitting olympics for me and no Ravelympics. I haven't watched or listened. I heard a blurb on the news today that said the president was in the stands rooting on the swimmers and I asked myself "what is he doing there? Does he have no scruples?" obviously, not.