11 August 2008

a bad day, rescued

I lost most of the weekend to a migraine and dread. I can take pills for the migraine, and I can take pills for the dread, but the combination is tougher than pharmaceuticals.

However --
I won a contest! JenClair (A Garden Carried in the Pocket) is sending me The Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander. Thank you, JenClair!


Nana Sadie said...

I'm sorry sorry sorry for the meds and the need for them.
But the silver lining is delightful.

Mistrmi said...

Are you feeling ANY better now?

Aunt Kathy said...


I hope you're feeling better.

Contest winning can always be good for at least a smile on a bad day

60GoingOn16 said...

Commiserations from a fellow sufferer and hope it has cleared. Lovely to have a prize book on its way to you though.

Unknown said...

I hope you're feeling much, MUCH better now, and that your prize is wending its way to you now :)!

Jennifer said...

I hope you feel better this week. My migraines can linger...

Paula said...

I am feeling you pain, quite literally.
I have had a migraine for days now and really wish it would go away.
Not even lavender is helping me out tonight.

By the way You have a wee bit of goodness on it's way to you.
It may not arrive before your birthday but should be there soon after.