13 May 2007

Harry Potter read-along

Seems as if I've been saying "I want to read the whole series" forever.

Harry Potter Readalong

--and now I shall - one book per week, beginning 9 June. I bought the English editions for my birthday last year (cars have "bonnets" instead of hoods), and I have ordered book 7 from Amazon.uk.

Total immersion - excellent!

(Shall I knit something Gryffindor? socks? a bonnet? maybe-)


Rose Red said...

That's a great idea - I've re-read them several times but would be great to do in the lead up to the last one!

Jennifer said...

Well, you've got the stitch markers for something very fun! :-)

Stephanie said...

Yay - you're doing the readalong too. :) I put in my advance order for the last book - can't wait!

amy said...

My sister and I were wondering if amazon UK would ship to the US. I just found 3 of the books, British versions, in a used bookstore, and I was thrilled. I'm a purist and thoroughly offended that the US publisher felt the need to edit. Hopefully a nice boxed set of the whole series comes out soon after the last book...

Becky said...

My son just gave me the UK version of the first six audiobooks for Mother's Day. I am so spoiled! I'm looking forward to listening to them all.

gfh said...

I want the UK version, too - a box set would be nice - maybe it will come out. I don't have time to do a read-a-long right now - but I LOVE HP. Am both anxious and nervous about the last one. At least it's pre-ordered :).

Hurray for Hogwarts!


Paula said...

I love the English versions so much better!
I really wish that American Publishers would just leave all books in their original content with thinking the public is to stupid to know (or look up) the difference in the English meanings.
Sorry....just one of my many rants about the lack of culture in this country.
Anyway, I would take the sorting hat test and make a pair of socks for that house.

Hehehe, I have the 7th book on order and am full of giggles about it. I think I will make a pair of socks too!
I started making a Ravenclaw scarf for my Son during the second book and when he said he doesn't like waering scarves, I ended up with a long pointy stripped hat for him instead.
You will absolutely love the comments the others make when Hermione starts knitting! :)

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Thats sounds like so much fun!

Alice said...

I've read up to book 4 only. Maybe I should start all over again and finish book 7. Good idea. :)