30 October 2018

1984 is here

Emmanuel Goldstein, the character, never appears in 1984. Nevertheless, the 2-minute hate focuses on him, because the Party claims he is to blame for everything that is wrong in society. He is a Jew.
Only the photo of George Soros appears in the Republican ads. He is assigned the blame for financing the things that the Party denounces. He is a Jew.
Fox News, our president's twitter posts, and Republican ads vilify George Soros. A deranged gunman kills 11 Jews in their synagogue because he believes what they say.
Do not tell me there isn't a connection.

1 comment:

PJ said...

Oh, my gosh..I have always said I feel we are in 1984 (the book), but that connection....
I'm reading the book now, but only on page 113.