17 November 2016

it is not all right

things that are not all right 
(a work in progress, or, perhaps, observations on those who would now work against progress):

  • any discussion of internment camps
  • any discussion of registration for The Other, whomever The Other may be
  • consideration of one's who-the-hell-is-he son-in-law for top security clearance 
  • using one's own circle of friends to substitute Truthiness for TRUTH
  • the electoral college in the 21st century
  • making the children of recent immigrants feel lesser than ... anyone
  • threatening to imprison people who believe as strongly in the First Amendment as you do about the Second
  • calling lawful, peaceful demonstrations "economic terrorism"
  • lying lying lying lying
  • pretending that "Judeo-Christian" values inform your decision to refuse rights, services, respect, tolerance, and full citizenship to anyone, This is a secular country, dammit. 
For today, just the list. Tea Leaves has been silent long enough. 

1 comment:

KSD said...

Among the things running through my head That Night was 1)I wish I were still in the classroom for this, and 2)I'm so glad I don't have to be in front of a class tomorrow. Athens is a blue space in a red state, but hate and bigotry and ignorance pop up in lots of places.