24 November 2016

and they all moved away from me on the bench there

I just listened to "Alice's Restaurant" on WFUV radio, at noon. Sprinkled a few lyrics on Facebook, had a good chat with others listening and reminiscing.

It holds up. That spirit of government paying too much attention to the smaller things (not that litterin' is inconsequential) and ignoring the madness of having to prove yourself unworthy to do the mean, nasty, ugly things -- 

This year, a minority of Americans voted for the mean, nasty, ugly thing. Regardless of the numbers, that mean, nasty, ugly thing is going to take office in January. That subversive massacree spirit has to rise in us, the majority, to make things right, somehow.

things that are not all right, part 2:

  • appointing a person to lead education who is not an educator and wants basic education blown up
  • appointing a Nazi-supporting, white supremacist-supporting, antisemitic-supporting person to your Cabinet
  • using inane terms like "alt-right" instead of "Nazi-supporting, white supremacist-supporting, antisemitic-supporting"  (I'm looking at you, media people)
In fact - 

Remember newsgroups, back in the early days of the internet's social media? They had names like "alt- " -- 
These people are not alt- anything. They are haters, and they need to be called out. 

Is there hope?


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KSD said...

My anger grows every day. My fear deepens.