08 January 2015

Team Civilization

Today's blog title is taken from Jon Stewart's response to yesterday's atrocity in Paris.

It always has seemed odd to me when religious fanatics have killed, tortured, and kidnapped in the name of their deity.

I have wondered -

  • Does your deity care more about what comes out of a pen than the life of the writer or artist?
  • Or what women wear on their heads? 
  • Or how adults express love?
  • Did he who made the lamb make thee?

He who made the universe condemns me for drawing a cartoon, and deputizes you to punish me?

It would be laughable, but not today.

Salman  Rushdie's response
Muslims around the world condemn the attack
The cartoons in question

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KSD said...

All deities have been given a bad name in their names.