12 August 2014

Robin Williams

The death of Robin Williams makes me think of all of my friends whose lives have been scarred by a suicide, and all of my friends and family who - like me - struggle with the devastation of bipolar disorder and depression. We always wonder what we could have done for each other, when one falls - whether we could have changed the trajectory, somehow.
All we can do is all we can do. Listen, when people are in pain, and take them seriously. Really listen. It's the most important thing.


Donna Lee said...

I listen to people with "suicidal ideation" every day as part of my job. I have learned that if someone really wants to kill themselves, there is very little anyone else can do to stop them. I have also learned that the right intervention in just the right time can make a difference. The American Assoc of Suicide Survivors is wonderful. They sponsor workshops (one in Phila every year Thanksgiving weekend) and sponsor the Out of the Darkness walks (overnight walks).

I am grieving for Mr Williams. A bit of light has left the world. It hurts my heart to think of him in such pain.

KSD said...

I told my therapist that when I heard the news, I could feel that belt around MY neck. Once you're close, the thought of ending it all is never far away. How very sad that his pain went beyond any help he thought he could find.