10 June 2014

ten on Tuesday

Today's question: what is your favorite summer beverage?

I could just list "tea" ten times. Really, I could. I force myself to drink plain water-with-lemon (or without) a few times a day, winter or summer, because I know it's a useful habit. Hydration, you know. But - my main fluid intake consists of tea. Perhaps I can say it in a more nuanced manner.

PG Tips tea, hot.

Yorkshire Gold tea, hot.

Joy tea from Tazo, hot. This blend is only available in December, so I buy a lot and hoard it.As of today, I have three bags left from a tin that was a gift. 

Shaken iced tea lemonade from Starbucks or Barnes&Noble - green, please, unsweetened.

Decaffeinated hot tea from The Republic of Tea:
     apricot black
     mango Ceylon, black
     ginger peace, black
Green tea with pear from the Republic of Tea.

Black decaf tea from Adagio, with apricot or strawberry.

plain water

(No, this isn't my teapot, but I do have and adore the Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Evening With cd.)

Why so much decaf? Can you see me shaking my fist at my cardiologist? 


Bonny said...

I'm in absolute agreement with tea as the perfect beverage! I drink PG Tips hot in the morning, then Celestial Seasonings peppermint hot or cold, and my own mint tea cold. The green tea with pear sounds interesting.

Linda said...

So tell me, do you like tea? LOL! I rarely drink it - but I have to agree - the green tea with pear sounds like something I might want to try out!

Linda in VA

Laurie said...

Yes, I can see that.

Patty said...

I'd like to try that Shaken iced tea lemonade from Starbucks. Tea keeps things on track for sure!

Donna Lee said...

We have a pot of tea on the stove 365 days a year. We drink unsweetened decaffeinated iced tea. My girls call it brown water and maybe they're right. At the present time we're using Bromley tea bags for every day and something called Backporch which has citrus and raspberry in it. Hot tea can be anything.

I'm also a coffee drinker (also decaf) and at least 24 oz of water each day. Yes, I pee a lot.