09 March 2012

blue and green, my comfort colors

I thought I'd post a little about the spinning and knitting I've been doing lately. 

Finally, my spinning mojo is back.  I wasn't enjoying the alpaca blends I was working on (although they might entice me some other time), but I'm loving me this Finn from Color Craze Fiber.


Blues and greens together are so soothing. This is a cowl I dreamed up, using "Imagination" yarn from Knit Picks in the Frog Prince colorway.

And these are the latest socks, in Zen Yarn Garden's "China Urn" colorway, based on a painting by Pierre Redoute. (I'm proud to tell you that I chose that month's colorway!) As always, the sock pattern was top-down vanilla. The green is subtle, but definitely there, working its magic.


Lost City Denise said...

Blues and greens are my soothing comfort colors as well. This is spinning up beautifully!

PJ said...

ahh, as I'm entering spring-y feelings, those colors are right up my alley! I always love blues and greens..this year I'm thinking lemon and lime colors, too. I, hopefully, will get back to my project mojo back! Your spun yarn looks wonderful!

KnitNana said...

I have my China Urn out to try to decide what to do with it - socks are not on the agenda, but mixing it with other springy colors to make a "leftovers" sort of shawl IS.
Your socks look pretty, and your spinning is wonderful!!! I'm so impressed...