04 February 2011

a woman's heart

Today is Go Red For Women Day, a national day to raise awareness of the most lethal killer of women in the United States. 

I won't throw statistics at you. 
I won't tell you what to wear.

However, I will tell you that I learned last year that I am a survivor: I have congestive heart failure. It does not "run in my family." The symptoms blended with my asthma, so I never believed that one of the underlying causes of my fatigue and breathing difficulty could lie outside of my lungs - this despite the efforts and suggestions of my very capable pulmonologist. It took a frightening incident and a hospital stay to make me comply and get the tests I needed.  

The diagnosis frightened me. It should frighten anyone. It also motivated me.

Now I keep my weight down, I take my meds, I watch my sodium intake, and I see my cardiologist regularly. I feel better. I'll be a survivor longer. 

If you read only one web page today, please read this one.  Or this one.
And please take it seriously.


KnitNana said...

Sister Survivors!
I LOVE your red lacey bunny...

And your mended heart!

Carrie K said...

Hurray for surviving!

Anonymous said...

So glad you survived and are here to help others!

PJ said...

I'm late, but so glad you posted this...I've had borderline high bloodpressure for many years..corrected with some low dose meds. We always think of other issues with women and we simply overlook the facts. This is #1 killer!!