16 February 2011

Tikkun Olam, 15 yards at a time

I spun this for Sandi Wiseheart’s Prayer Flag project.
The day I read about the project, I received a Golding Le Fleur spindle (purpleheart wood) cushioned in fiber. The spindle is a mandala, and the fiber had enough bits of red and orange to pluck out and spin on their own. 
Sandi asked if we would like a particular blessing attached to our yarn. Yes, I would: tikkun olam, “heal the world.”
From the website for the magazine, Tikkun:
We in the Tikkun Community use the word “spiritual” to include all those whose deepest values lead them to challenge the ethos of selfishness and materialism that has led people into a frantic search for money and power and away from a life that places love, kindness, generosity, peace, nonviolence, social justice, awe and wonder at the grandeur of creation, thanksgiving, humility and joy at the center of our lives.
Kind-of a big job for 15 yards of handspun, but - you never know.


Granny Smith said...

We have to believe that every little bit helps. Else what's the use of trying?

Shani said...

how beautiful... and inspiring...
Best wishes

hand eye said...

You. Are amazing.

KnitNana said...

Excellent...lovely spindle, lovely spinning, Sandi's motivational impulse was on-target, and your choice of words fits perfectly.
And yes, we have to set lofty goals in order to change the world even a little bit!

amysue said...

So beautiful. Tikkun Olam is what I tell my children is the most important thing we can do with our time on this planet.