27 May 2010

because all I've been writing lately is letters........

The guy who filled the vending machine at work put the animal crackers behind three packages of pretzel goldfish. He never does that. I'm so bummed. A little package of animal crackers = my afternoon break sometimes, with tea (of course) and a little knitting. Now what?

(No, don't tell me to buy a bag at the supermarket and bring a portion to work with me. I already do that with yogurt and cereals. It isn't the same with the animal crackers.)

(Clearly, Penny, I can mope about anything.)

It's been odd that none of the women at work has commented on the lacy Baktus I've been working on. Usually, anything any of us knit or crochet is oohed and aahed at. I was beginning to get a complex. But yesterday, I was wearing a lavendar sweater, and the Baktus looked so pretty against it that they noticed, and said the design is cute. (It is.)

I told them about the Ishbel-like shawlettes and how I've been chided for doubting my ability to knit one. (You're not the only one who chided me...) The Muggles thought it was funny that I feel as if there's a hierarchy of projects - like, I can knit this but I can't knit that - which made me realize that all crafts look uniformly impenetrable to a Muggle. That's exactly the mirror-image to the mindset I  have to develop -- all projects are uniformly penetrable. I should do a sampler.

Anyway, I just bought the shawlette pattern Gaenor and two skeins of mulberry-raspberry variegated yarn, and I'll start it this weekend. (Baktus is almost done.) Gaenor has the same basic construction as Baktus plus a lace edging, so it'll be the transitional piece of knitting to Ishbel.
Did I tell you that I got my copy of Respect the Spindle? I only had time to leaf through it, but - I happened to read two paragraphs about leaders, and I realized what I've been doing wrong to get so many breaks after I've wound-on. Leave a longer leader, says Abby. I tried it. PRESTO. Magic. 

And speaking of cross-stitch, I've been reading Monica Ferris's needlework mysteries, and I decided I need to do one of her cross-stitch patterns - The Han Phoenix. It's been awhile since I really wanted to do counted cross-stitch - probably a good thing, since I couldn't have seen well enough to do it before the cataract surgeries! Isn't that a beautiful pattern?  There's a piece of silk in the book (Thai Die) with a similar embroidery - I trust the little cross-stitch wouldn't cause as much mayhem as it did in Excelsior...

Time to watch the last episode of "Fast-Forward" and get ready for work tomorrow... Give Shadow a couple of under-the-chin scritches for me, yes?




Bridget said...

OK, I'm confused. I thought you had retired. So why are you using a vending machine at WORK??

Donna Lee said...

Dear teabird,

Nothing wrong with letters. I,too, will pay the exorbitant prices in the machine at work (90 cents a bag) for animal crackers. I love them with my yogurt. Our machine is almost empty. I miss the crackers.

I have never been afraid of knitting things. My first real knitted thing with a pattern and everything was a pair of socks. I didn't know it was supposed to be hard and I just followed the directions. I am finishing up my first circular shawl and loving it. Can't wait to decide on the next thing!

I heard Respect the Spindle was really good. Abby seems to be able to teach anyone. Good luck. How's the wheel.

And yea, I thought retirement was in your near future. change your mind?

With affection,

Donna Lee

OfTroy said...

That's exactly the mirror-image to the mindset I have to develop -- all projects are uniformly penetrable. I should do a sampler.

Yes, its true! You are a great knitter--the thing you need to develop is confidence in your knitting.

Use what ever tools you need.

If doing 2 or 3 or dozen variation of something works, great! do it.

I can knit anything but lately, its been nothing but socks. And i am still learning--each pair teaches me something.

repetition is good practice.
(do you mental recite
Animal crackers and cocoa to drink, That is finest of lunches i think.

When you eat your animal crackers, even if you drink tea, instead of cocoa?

Penny said...

dearest teabird,

you know i love receiving letters from you -- this is an added treat! It is a new format, a new "pen"... YAY!

I wish I could speak with the vending machine guy and point out his error. animal crackers are best from the vending machine. Bringing from home is *not* the same, there is something about puting coins in the machine, pressing the buttons, hearing the whirl-click.. THUD and then opening the package.

I always forget how Muggles see all projects as uniform and equally magical and amazing! This is a wonderful and insightful break through -- for all of us. Thank you.

I know that your Gaenor will be very beautiful and I think it would be really nice to transition to ishbel. I use lifelines throughout *ALL* my knitting, even garter stitch squares. Shadow likes to sometimes borrow what I'm working on to check it out in better light.

Isn't Abby amazing? If her book existed when I bought my first spindle I probably would have figured out what to do a lot earlier. It took me over two years and having to find an awesome teacher to point out what i was doing wrong (drafting, I did not understand pre-drafting and prepping the roving).

The Phoenix is beautiful. I'm slowly doing a counted cross stitch of tea cups. Very slowly. I love doing it, but need to build a stand frame so I don't hurt my wrist gripping the fabric. I am very happy your surgery lets you see well and enjoy creating that you've missed....

Shadow is a very lucky kitten, I work at home all day today. He will get lots of cuddles. Right now he's sad because I put the last of the yarn he stole into ziplocks. I'll crochet up a few more mice for him. I'll make sure that he gets more scritches and understands they are from you. He loves them. You'll hear him purr.

Hopefully soon you can come give some in person. We're almost finished with the last of the "this year" renovations.



KnitNana said...

And of course you can do Ishbel.
(I'm in process and almost finished. I have Gaenor, too - in a navy/purple Dream in Color).
Okay I need to read Abby's book, right? (I bought it, just haven't read it)

And...that phoenix pattern is very appealing, and simple enough that it might not make my eyes bonkers.

Carrie K said...

A wall sampler or on a pillow? I long to see either.

Why is he stocking goldfish at all? Inedible. Incredible.